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Right Brain 
Fabrication LLC
Affordable CNC & Fabrication services for Artists, Potters and Individuals
Bob Stack President

Welcome to Right Brain Fabrication!

At Right Brain Fab, we create lithophanes, manufacture clay extruders, ceramic molds and pottery supplies. We also offer custom computer (CNC) machining to artists potters and individuals.


My commitment to bringing affordable fabrication services to the individual.

Starting as a hobbyist and understanding the frustration one can encounter trying to figure out how to get a small prototype, mold or part built and having to struggle through this has made me committed to bringing these services to others at affordable prices.


So, how am I able to bring these types of services at a low cost and still stay in business?

Right Brain Fabrication is also proud to be part of an emerging trend for small businesses called coworking. Coworking provides a means for independent small businesses to pool their resources and extremely reduce overhead. If you would like to know more about coworking click here.

Partners at A2


Right Brain Fabrication’s shop is located in the A2 MechShop is a Technical Coworking Facility for Entrepreneurial Engineers and, along with Right Brain Fabrication, it currently houses 5 other engineering enterprises; Current Motor Company; Corsa Instruments, Rocks & Robots, Peter J. Jensen llc. and Red Cedar Electronics. If you need a Tube Clock, Electric Motor Cycle, Wireless Data acquisition for race cars, Science and Robotics camp for your kids or  just need to get a hold of Dale click on the links to the right

Check out the Concentrate Media Documentary on the A2 MechShop on YouTube